“Writing is at best, a lonely life.”

~Earnest Hemingway

Writers Cooperative

We all know the stereotype: the lone writer tucked away in her attic apartment, working feverishly on the next great poem, novel, screenplay, or song. Writers often tend toward isolation, and the frightening prospect of putting your work out there where people can tear it apart just as easily as praise it, doesn’t help much.

Now image, as a young writer, trying to figure out how to make something of your written words, trying to figure out how to even start the process of breaking out and making a name for yourself, trying to figure out how to become a professional, published writer. The world can look very cold, unfriendly, and impenetrable.

The goal of VerbalEyze and the Writers Cooperative is to change this paradigm for young writers. By taking part in the VerbalEyze Writers Workshop, young writers gain technical proficiency. They build their public presentation skills and confidence through VerbalEyze Performance Spaces and have opportunities to see their work published in print through VerbalEyze Publications. As they mature as writers, they can apply to be accepted into the Writers Cooperative. Once accepted into the Writers Cooperative young writers enter a supporting community of professional writers who provide one-on-one support and critique designed to hone and polish their writing to the degree necessary to make publication a possibility.

The Writers Cooperative also provides young adult writers with exposure to publication houses, production studios and theater companies as a way of assisting their development as professional writers. The Writers Cooperative offers its young writers literary representation services and guidance. All this supports them as they take their first steps into the world of professional writing and launch their writing careers.

The Writers Cooperative only accepts young people between the ages of thirteen and twenty-two. Previous participation in VerbalEyze is not a requirement. If you are interested in more details on how to apply to be accepted as a writer in the Writers Cooperative, click here.