Views from the Backseat


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Advance Praise for Views from the Backseat

To read Becky Wolfson’s work is to be transported into the distinctly visual and utterly unapologetic world of young American poetry. With her first chapbook, she makes it her business to recast the once-delicate images of romantic poetry, breathing raw and wild energy into new realities so that she might create a home for the unexpected and alien experiences of adolescent life. Wolfson’s great trick is that her eyes are sharper, her ears more acutely tuned to the tiny details that we, too often, do not record, ourselves—in a world full of Ouija boards and grandmothers, neighborhood pools and uneaten fruit, her poetry stops us in our tracks and begs that each fleeting instance is noticed and celebrated. This book represents a writer’s truly exciting first foray into territories unknown and, I’m sure, more great work to come.

–Mason Henderson, Poet, University of Maryland

Powerful, lyrical, and thought provoking, Rebecca Wolfson’s poetry collection will transport you through cherished childhood memories and a teen’s coming of age that you’ll want to savor again and again.

–Robin Newman, author of The Case of the Missing Carrot Cake, a

Kirkus Reviews starred review and a 2015 Best Middle-Grade Book