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Praise for seeds

“Overflowing with exuberance, pathos, and wit, seeds is an exciting collection from a young poet to watch. Miriam Elisabeth Moore pulls you in with the playfulness of her language then breaks your heart with moments of startling sincerity. To read these poems is to see the world with wonder again, to be lovesick for life, no matter where it takes you.”

– Peter Bognanni, author of The House of Tomorrow

“Here, now: allow yourself to sit transfixed and made breathless by the work of this fresh, open-hearted poet who is part Neruda, part Cummings, and totally herself.”

– Terra Elan McVoy, author of After the Kiss and Being Friends with Boys

“In exuberant, sparkling lines, Moore paints a picture of youth. From the giddiness of new romance to the yearning for absent loves, she observes all with an ‘inspired and fatigued urgency’ to capture all she surveys, ‘and paint[s] melodies and words in all the colors of the rainbow.”

– Anitra Budd, editor and publisher