More Than Miles


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Do you know what you have in you?

Regardless of who we are the one thing that is always true is that our future lies before us. When your dreams beckon, your past triumphs, and even your past failures, may not be enough to overcome new and unexpected risks and obstacles. In those moments, the question truly becomes, Can you go more than you have gone already? Can you fulfill your dreams?

Crippled by an unexpected injury, avid runner Henri struggles to reclaim his passion. Trained as a competitive hurdler, he now must overcome the biggest hurdle of his life. Cleared to race again a er three long years, the fear of being re-injured haunts him. In the meantime, Henri has found other tasks and passions to fill the void. Challenged with following his true passion, he begins to find himself. Henri begins to realize who he is, and it may not be who he thought he was.

Erica Seifried’s debut novel, More  Than Miles explores the intersections between goals, dreams, identity, and friendship. To achieve your dreams, drive and confidence are essential, but are they everything? More than ever in our hyper-competitive, hyper-driven society, we should take up the challenge of More Than Miles and wrestle with the question: “Do I know what I have inside me?”