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How easy would it be to solve a murder if you could read minds?

As Erin Gardener discovers, it’s not as easy as you might think.

For as long as twenty-eight-year-old Erin Gardener can remember, she’s been able to hear other people’s thoughts – whether she likes it or not. She keeps her sanity by meditating and staying the hell away from other people. That is, until she meets an outgoing actor-turned-bartender called Henry, who accidentally discovers her secret.
Where Erin sees a burden, Henry sees an opportunity. Certain that his younger brother Markus is wrongly imprisoned for killing his girlfriend, he asks Erin to use her telepathy to figure out the true culprit. Charmed by Henry’s dogged optimism and sympathising with Markus’ plight, Erin soon finds herself becoming more and more invested in the case.

What lengths will Erin go to in order to free Markus, and how certain can she be that what’s in our minds is even the truth?