many little things


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Alicia Zuberbier peels away the veneer of life and peers deep beneath its surface. Through the art of her words she delves into the realm of emotion and desire where passion is born. Read tomorrow’s literary figures today.

Advance praise for many little things:

“I’ve always been a sucker for love poems, and it’s easy to fall in love with this book. Zuberbier had me at the first poem: “We are not in love.//But my bra was too tight/and your belt buckle broke.” Sometimes sassy, but never sappy, these poems are beautifully crafted, smart and simmering with heat. Most are quick takes, but their afterglow lingers like kisses. Rife with startling imagery, Zuberbier’s poems reminds us that love can take us-or leave us: “the way thunder shakes the sky.”

– Karla Huston, author of A Theory of Lipstick, Main Street Rag Publications, 2013

“This collection is like some haunting and delicious piece of undiscovered film noir, scented with scotch, cigars, and sweaty sheets. Alicia Zuberbier’s sparse style packs a punch, like the occasional gunshot in the whispered dark, and she shows a powerful instinct as her poetry traces the story arc of lead characters caught in the tension of a young love affair somewhere between romantic moments like glimpses of eternity and the gritty glare of mornings after and guilt and scarred hearts that move ever closer to healing but never quite reach it. many little things is a smoking gun and a wonderful break from the murmuring crowd of contemporary poetry.”

– Erik Richardson, author of a berserker stuck in traffic, Pebblebook Press, 2014