Chasing Mr. Right Now


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Advance Praise for Chasing Mr. Right Now

“In Chasing Mr. Right Now, Ariane Sophia swings for the fences, goes big, goes home. These are poems that try and make sense of the things that obsess and consume all of us: love, family, sex, death. Whether her speakers are counting the freckles on their Jersey boys, smelling the spearmint air of a long-ago German garden, or desperately wishing they could crawl back into their mother’s laps, they are fiercely alive. This is a collection where an ‘I love you’ is actually ‘a pleasant sort of pain’ and secondhand smoke curls in your lungs. Read it and exhale deeply.”

–Christina Olson, Author of Terminal Human

Velocity, Weird Science, Rook & the M.E., and
Before I Came Home Naked

Poet Ariane Sophia explodes onto the scene with this captivating collection of poetic meditations that tear open an unflinching perspective on the tensions and contradictions inherent in the concepts of beingness, gender, sex, intimacy and relationship.

Give yourself to these verses and discover that:

Magic is in you baby,
Hidden in the connect the dot
Of your chest.