Open call for a special Muslim Voices
edition of the Young Writers Anthology

My American Muslim Journey

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In pursuit of its mission to showcase the talent of emerging writers, VerbalEyze Press is publishing My American Muslim Journey, a special Muslim Voices edition of the Young Writers Anthology.

We are accepting submissions in any of the genres below from writers between the ages of 13 to 22 who identify with or follow the faith traditions of Islam.

poetry, short story, non-fiction
songwriting, playwriting, graphic novel

Please submit your manuscript(s) in doubled-spaced, 12-point, seriffed font (Times New Roman is preferred). Please include a cover sheet with your name, age, current or most recent school/college attended, mailing address, and the title and genre of each manuscript. If you are submitting multiple manuscripts, include the cover sheet on only one manuscript.

Send your manuscript(s) to submissions@verbaleyze.org with “My American Muslim Journey Submission” in the subject line.