advance praise for Other/Wise

ELundahlSagacity is a heavy word to use about a collection of prose and poetry created by a writer not yet even a quarter of a century old, but Erika Lundahl’s Other/Wise supports and merits it. Personal essays and autobiographical free verse purposefully meander and connect in exquisite exploration of life choices that reach the reader as universal. ‘Like a bird to the sky my brain’ shedeftly repeats, quoting Ani DiFranco, and indeed her book, as a celebration of the process of inner and outer survival, is a flight that tests control and freedom. This first collection, which in the author’s words embraces ‘the vast uncertainty of “how to be”’ and bravely questions the complexities of time and memory and love and identity, is true philosophy that engages and enlightens.”

– Dr. Katharyn Howd Machan, author of Wise Woman

“This startling collection of poems and essays, psalms and parables on the postmodern condition, reads like a conversation between Julia Kristeva and Soren Kierkegaard. Erika Lundahl is both an ardent feminist who thinks with her body and an existential pilgrim who wrestles with her Nordic Lutheran heritage. Her style is aphoristic. Every word cuts through our collective lies like a knife carved from caribou bone. This book will afflict the comfortable and comfort the afflicted. Read it and learn how to acknowledge and identify with the strangers in your midst.”

– Anthony Di Renzo, author of Bitter Greens

“As Erika Lundahl reflects on her position as a young woman leaving college, saddled with debts and questions, I am reminded of Adrienne Rich’s searching, self-reflective voice. But Erika writes with a wit and directness all her own as she turns over her experiences like stones to see what’s underneath. At the heart of this book is a desire, a drive to understand oneself, one’s actions, one’s relationships. Erika undertakes her self-examination with a frank and charming honesty that will speak to anyone who has reckoned with their own painful truths and challenging life transitions.”

– Rachael Stoeve, poet & journalist. Yes! magazine, Truthout

Click the cover for a sample of Other/Wise.

Click the cover for a sample of Other/Wise.

by Erika Lundahl
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