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Young Author Receives Critical Acclaim

Atlanta, GA – Young author Alicia Zuberbier has released her first collection of poetry, many little things, to critical acclaim from the literary community. many little things is published by VerbalEyze Press, an independent book publishing house dedicated to providing talented young writers with their initial opportunity to become published authors and introducing the next generation of literary visionaries to the reading public.

“Reading poetry has always felt like a relationship to me. A writer out there shared something delicate with me. Having the opportunity to share back through my book is one of my greatest accomplishments.” Zuberbier went on to describe how the publication of many little things is an initial step in what she hopes will be a fulfilling career as an author and poet.

Alicia Zuberbier resides in Downtown Waukesha. She recently graduated from Carroll University with a writing degree and continues to blog, write articles and create poetry in the community.

Karla Huston, author of A Theory of Lipstick, said in praise of many little things, “I’ve always been a sucker for love poems, and it’s easy to fall in love with this book. Sometimes sassy, but never sappy, these poems are beautifully crafted, smart and simmering with heat. Most are quick takes, but their afterglow lingers like kisses. Rife with startling imagery, Zuberbier’s poems reminds us that love can take us—or leave us: ‘the way thunder shakes the sky.’”

many little things released in September 2014 and is available through all major and independent booksellers. More information on many little things and Alicia Zuberbier can be found at

Founded out of a vision to encourage young people and contribute to a renaissance in creative writing instruction, VerbalEyze fosters, promotes and supports the development and professional growth of emerging young writers, ages thirteen to twenty-two. VerbalEyze achieves this mission through four key divisions: Education, Performance Spaces, VerbalEyze Press, and the Writers Cooperative.

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Alicia Zuberbier

Alicia Zuberbier

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