“An artist must be free to choose what he does,
certainly, but he must also never be afraid
to do what he might choose.”

~Langston Hughes

VerbalEyze Performance Spaces exist to provide young adult writers access to venues and platforms from which they can present and showcase their work. Performance spaces, both real-world and online, are offered in partnership with public and private educational institutions, professional production companies, and business sponsors.

Open Mics
The best in young adult poetry, spoken word, and singer/songwriters. VerbalEyze Open Mics are performance spaces open to anyone from the community. VerbalEyze asks that anyone presenting respect the family-friendly intent and venues of our hosting partners and keep material appropriate in content.

Nothing gets it going like an old-school slam. If verse is your thing, you will want to check these out. VerbalEyze sponsors and organizes slams specifically for teen and young adult writers. If you have a slam team (or want to be on a slam team) and would like to get involved, let us know.

You wrote it, now show it! What good is having a Web space if we didn’t turn it into a performance space. VerbalEyze accepts submissions for its Online Performance Space across any of the writing genres, including:

  • Poetry
  • Short stories
  • Lyrics
  • Spoken word
  • Plays (one act or longer)
  • Pretty much anything else you can put on paper

While VerbalEyze does have an editorial review process for submissions, the point is to put as many of the submissions from writers ages 15 to 22 we can out there. So don’t feel like it’s got to be super-polished. If you wrote it and want to show it, send it our way at online@verbaleyze.org. (Oh, and you retain the copyright on anything of yours published in the Online Performance Space.)

For more information or questions about Performance Spaces, contact VerbalEyze at info@verbaleyze.org or through this online form.