VerbalEyze Workshop Etiquette Policy

VerbalEyze writing workshops provide a space of open and honest critique intended to provide constructive feedback to all participating writers. By participating in a VerbalEyze workshop, you agree to abide by the following guidelines. Failure to comply with these guidelines can be grounds for dismissal from the workshop session at the discretion of the workshop facilitator and—for serious breaches—a denial of participation in future VerbalEyze workshops.

When receiving the critique:

  • Before workshop: Submit manuscripts by the date specified for the workshop. Submit manuscripts that you care about. Start writing early, work through several revisions before you submit things to the workshop.
  • During workshop: You need to remain silent during the discussion of your manuscript. Take notes. Listen closely. At the end of the conversation you will be asked to make any comments that may occur to you during the discussion and you’ll be given an opportunity to ask questions.

When providing the critiquing:

  • Before workshop: Read the manuscripts submitted by each workshop participant. For each manuscript make notes that tell the writer what’s working well in the manuscript and suggestions for improvement. Be specific in your feedback, and for every criticism be sure to provide a suggestion. These notes should help you think about issues of craft and provide a jumping off point for our workshop discussion.
  • During workshop: When commenting on the work of others, you should treat it as you would like to have your own work treated. You should closely read your peers’ work and be both considerate and critical in your feedback. Remember that you should be honest about both the strengths and weaknesses of the other participants’ work, but also respectful. Don’t attack a piece; focus on what is working and what can be improved. Don’t try to rewrite for the writer. The writer can do that him/herself. Just point out the areas of concern.