“Quantity produces quality. If you only
write a few things, you’re doomed.”

~Ray Bradbury


We have distilled the principles and exercises from the VerbalEyze writers workshop curriculum into a series of online mini-lessons. Each unit below contains four lessons that each discuss best practices of writing related to the unit’s theme. Within each lesson there are one or more exercises in each of five genres of writing—poetry, fiction, song writing, playwriting, and creative non-fiction—that give you help you put the best practices to work.

These mini-lessons are not intended to be a one-time experience. We encourage you to revisit each of the units and their related lessons exercises several times as a way of refining your craft as a writer.

If you have found value in these mini-lessons, please consider a donation to support the work VerbalEyze is doing with young writers. Thank you.